Does “As safe as Houses” still persist?

The Victorian expression ‘as safe as houses’ means ‘secure: with no risk of failure’. The first example of ‘as safe as houses’ in print is in the rather over the top melodrama Timour the Tartar, which was staged in London in various versions from around 1842 onwards.

If you say that something or someone is “as safe as houses”, it is commonly accepted that you mean that they are completely safe. It has been considered for almost 200 years and would always be considered to be one, because of the tangible nature of Property.

Just as inflation rate has gone rapidly high in 2021, so too did house prices. According to Nationwide, the average UK home rose in value by around 10%. which was the sharpest rise in house prices since 2004, and it continues to be on the higher side in 2022 with average UK house price over £260000 for the first time.

Just as with other types of investments, there is no denying that real estate investing can also be risky, but You can always limit your risks by doing your due diligence and conducting a thorough market analysis, along with a property expert.

There is a famous phrase that ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’, which is for a good reason and clearly emphasises that property is one investment that nearly everyone has an ambition to make at some point in their lives by buying their own home to live in.

The popularity of buy-to-let as a way to get additional exposure to the property market has grown substantially. A report showed that buy-to-let returns over the previous 20 years had beaten those from every other major asset class available including stocks.

Bricks and Mortar has traditionally been considered a sound investment and savvy investors tend to enjoy excellent returns, tax advantages, portfolio diversification, leverage, and the opportunity to build long term wealth. It can be undisputedly stated that “as Safe as Houses” still and will persist.

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